Asbestos free certificate

Asbestos Free Certificate

The use of asbestos is prohibited according to the ships act and SOLAS II-1/3-5. Every vessel should be in possession of an Asbestos Free Certificate

To achieve this an asbestos survey needs to be conducted and samples are to be taken of materials that might contain asbestos. Following that, an asbestos survey report will be issued.

The standard survey, the IHM (Inventory Hazardous Materials) inspection, will proof that there is asbestos on board however, it will not be sufficient  for the removal of asbestos from a vessel. For the removal of the asbestos from a vessel an Asbestos Survey Report is needed. Only with this report the owner will be able to commence the removal of asbestos.

The Asbestos Survey Report is a more extensive version of the IHM Report. Bes4best will take samples according to the RO No24 instruction. This way all legal requirements will be met.

Owing to our longstanding experience in the maritime field and asbestos, Best4best can offer total support in obtaining the Asbestos Free Certificate. We can take over the entire trajectory from survey to asbestos removal worldwide.For a future without concerns about asbestos please do not hesitate to contact our expert Feike Bruinsma at +31 6-51328281 or send an email to

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